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Do you have the right foundation to develop your full potential – privately as well as careerwisely? Is your well-being and your physical and mental energy top notch?

I will challenge you on the nature of illness and health and provide you with knowledge and tools to bring your body and mental health in great form.

My approach to the human being is holistic. We take into account both your mental balance and your training and eating habits. Everything with the purpose of creating lasting behavioural changes.

The lifestyle relies on both ancient and new, scientifically recognised knowledge. It is not about strictures but about joy of life and balance.

Read typical requests from my course participants

  • To get rid of/prevent stress and burn-out
  • Greater involvement and job satisfaction
  • New healthier patterns of behaviour
  • Prevention and better health
  • To get rid of sabotaging beliefs
  • A lighter and happier body
  • Rewarding training with a minimum of time
  • Mental energy and good sleep