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Bettinna Delfs

Bettinna Delfs is META-coach, dietician, Body Balance and Yin-yoga instructor plus writer, speaker and course leader in the field of body, mind and diet.

The point of departure is to create an alkaline environment in the body from where anything can bloom. The living conditions of an organism are the foundation for us to do the things we like, to reach our goals and to enjoy being ‘human beings’.

Bettinna’s vision is to ”Create balance in the human being”. The main objective is to gain insight into and to remove causes of physical and mental imbalance, not just treating the symptoms. For 30 years, Bettinna has inspired people to achieve an alkaline lifestyle through her teaching of movement, diet and coaching, so that they can feel energetic and easily and happily realise their full potential.


Bettinna has continuously kept up with the times and improved her skills. Among these are:

  • Certified META-Health Master, IMMA
  • Certified EFT-therapist, AAMET
  • Meditation and Yin-yoga instructor
  • Certified coach from EXPAND, ICF
  • NLP-master and Coach
  • Dietician in ALKALINE LIVING
  • Psychomotor therapist
  • Movement educator
  • Psychology, Higher Preparatory Examination Course/ Folkeuniversitetet


In 2015, Gyldendal published Bettinna’s book ALKALINE LIVING – EN ENKEL GUIDE TIL ET SUNDT LIV. The book is a bestseller. The readers have learned how to correct the acid-alkaline balance in their body and thereby make a significant change in their lives by making small alterations of their usual habits. In 2016, a revised edition of the book was released in English with the title ALKALINE LIVING, EAT – MOVE – LOVE. In 1996, Bettinna’s first book Krop & Holdning, Gymnastik med Bettinna Delfs was released on Danmarks Radio.


In 1984, Bettinna founded Living Academy, offering Body Balance and Yin-yoga courses as well as various workshops in the field of body, mind and diet.  The training concept Body Balance® contains many elements from Pilates which Bettinna brought back to Denmark in 1982 after a study visit to USA. The exercises support an optimal posture continuously. The movements are performed in accordance with the anatomy so that the joints are stimulated instead of being worn out. The training involves working with strength, flexibility, balance, energy, relaxation and meditation. Since 2014, Bettinna has worked with combining Yin-yoga and her knowledge of META-health so that the instruction unites body and mind by dissolving the tension in joints and muscles.

In 1996 and 1998, Bettinna activated more than 100,000 viewers of a Danish TV channel with the series “Krop & Holdning” (“Body & Posture”), which lead to the publishing of a book and several DVDs.

Each year from 1998 to 2004 Bettinna gave the course ”Body & Posture” in La Santa Sport in Spain.

Since 2004, Bettinna has arranged and given the course ”Big Boost” in Crete. Naturally, the course is holistically inclined. The subject is different each year, but the basic principles of ALKALINE LIVING – diet, exercise and mental health – are always the underlying basis. The participants return filled with the clarity and bodily and mental energy required to handle the challenges of their everyday life.

Since 2011, Bettinna has educated her own Body Balance® instructors. Her instructor education is the only holistically based education in Denmark. It is crucial for Bettinna to educate a number of competent BB instructors so that the concept can continue. A good instructor must, of course, know her anatomy, be able to perform the exercises but also be capable of accommodating and viewing all students in the team so they optimise their personal outcome.

In 2015, all the knowledge and experience that Bettinna has gathered by working with people for more than 30 years benefitted the business world. Bettinna arranged and held courses for companies like Nordea and Sirius a/s. Through these courses the employees became well-founded personally and free to realise their full potential. It was not about strictures but about joy of life and balance.