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Energise your body – Energise your life

Alkaline Living creates an energetic, light and happy body. When there is a surplus in the energy account all tasks and challenges are perceived as easier. A fit body can do more in your daily life and accumulate the requisite energy for important sports performances. The quality of cooperation and relations in the company are clearly optimised when each individual has a positive energy account.

Simple, fun and super effective

Creating the right pH value in the body and at the same time combining different types of exercise increase productivity, endurance and well-being. The right pH value enhances the ability to absorb oxygen, which is crucial for the performance of the body. The combined exercises are targeted at increasing the capacity to transform energy and stimulating the connective tissue to prevent injury and reduce the regeneration period. Visualisation and meditation contribute to keeping you focused on the goal.

The approach to the human being is holistic and the lifestyle relies on ancient wisdom and is scientifically acknowledged. It is not about strictures but about joy of life and balance. In this course we focus on body and diet.

You enhance your energy level by:

  • practising your balance and strengthening your stamina
  • exercising a minimum of time – and in return achieving greater benefit
  • enhancing oxygen absorption and flexibility
  • visualisation
  • knowing the importance of the pH balance for your performance

The content of a training day:

  • ALKALINE breakfast
  • Energy and breathing techniques
  • The significance of the pH value for body and well-being
  • ALKALINE lunch
  • Body Balance – avoid injury and achieve a supportive body language
  • Learn to keep focus

Course instructor

Bettinna Delfs, META coach, has been organising courses for the past 25 years where she has guided people to ALKALINE LIVING and empowered them to use their full potential.

Information about the course

Course instructor:Bettinna Delfs
Venue:To be agreed
Duration:8.30 AM – 4 PM
Number of participants:12 -18
Price:DKK30000 + VAT, meals and transportation
Price includes:2 months of free training with
The book ALKALINE LIVING in English or Danish