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Energise your Mind – energy and well-being with ALKALINE LIVING

The ability of employees to avoid stress and instead stay calm and keep the big picture in mind is of great importance for the optimal growth of companies. Productivity and number of sick days are proportional to the balance and energy of the staff. Boosting the well-being is a gain for the individual employee as well as for the company. Relations between employees are also strengthened when everybody is mentally balanced and feels good about herself.

A simple and effective path to well-being

The mental balance depends on the right pH value in the body. Research has shown that the environment of the gut is of great importance for the function of the brain. You can choose food and drink that stress the body and mind or food and drink that enhance the resistance to illness and stress – and choosing the right thing is not hard at all.

The approach to the human being is holistic. ALKALINE LIVING relies on ancient knowledge and is scientifically acknowledged. It is not about strictures but about joy of life and balance. In this course, the focus is on the brain, diet and meditation.

This is how you continuously boost your mental energy:

  • By eliminating negative beliefs
  • By practising conscious breathing
  • By knowing your own limits
  • By being conscious of the significance of food for the brain function

The content of a training day:

  • ALKALINE breakfast
  • Energy work – it awakens the brain
  • Lecture: Optimise your brain function
  • ALKALINE lunch
  • Lecture: Learn to use all your brains
  • Meditation and visualisation: Refuel and see the big picture

We practice methods and visualisation, which can become naturally integrated in the company in the future.

Course instructor

Bettinna Delfs, META coach, has been organising courses for the past 25 years where she has guided people to ALKALINE LIVING and empowered them to use their full potential.

Information about the course

Course instructor:Bettinna Delfs
Venue:To be agreed
Duration:8.30 AM to 4 PM – or 2 days in combination with the Energise your Body - Energise your Life course
Number of participants:12 - 18
Price:DKK30000 + VAT, meals and transportation
Price includes:2 months of free training with
The book ALKALINE LIVING in English or Danish

Bettinna Delfs Aps | Enighedsvej 3 | 2920 Charlottenlund | Denmark | Tel: +45 53 86 14 23