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ALKALINE LIVING creates balance – also on the bottom line!

The energy and vitality of the employees are crucial for a company’s realisation of its growth potential. People who thrive simply contribute more. And their mutual relations and cooperation are optimised when everybody is mentally balanced.

A simple and effective path to well-being

By creating the right pH value in the body you adjust the imbalances, reduce the sickness absences and maintain vitality. The approach to the human being is holistic and the lifestyle relies on ancient knowledge and is scientifically recognised. ALKALINE LIVING is about diet, exercise and mental well-being. It is not about strictures but about joy of life and balance.

Strengthen your health and vitality by:

  • giving your body the right living conditions, thereby increasing stamina and the ability to perform
  • reviewing your view on health and sickness
  • knowing your sabotaging habits and beliefs

The participants can work with the acquired knowledge between the two lectures and ask questions at the second attendance.

The headlines of the lecture

  • The importance of the pH balance for body and well-being
  • Introduction to META-health – a model for analysing body language
  • Introduction to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques that are easy to perform
  • The importance of the diet for energy, sleep and well-being


Bettinna Delfs, META coach, has been organising courses for the past 25 years where she has guided people to ALKALINE LIVING and empowered them to use their full potential.

Lecture info

Speaker:Bettinna Delfs
Venue:To be agreed
Duration:4 lessons conducted in 2 attendances – frequently held after working hours
Number of participants:12 - 100
Price:Depends on number of participants
Price includes:2 months of free training with
Extras:It is recommended that the participants acquire the book ALKALINE LIVING in order to practice the healthy lifestyle and have the opportunity to follow up at the second attendance.
META coachingThe participants can, according to the context, be offered META Coaching as a follow-up, guarantee of quality or personal planning.

Bettinna Delfs Aps | Enighedsvej 3 | 2920 Charlottenlund | Denmark | Tel: +45 53 86 14 23