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META Coaching motivates you to reach your goals

The unconscious mind drives you

Our intellect knows what is best for us. If we were only driven by our intellect we would be spared a lot of discomfort, illness and stress – and wrong decisions.

But our subconscious mind drives us 95 per cent of the day and night. That is why it is here we shall find the source of our sabotaging habits and beliefs that stress us and make us sick in the long term. They often prevent us from reaching our goals and wishes and living out our full potential.

Symptom treatment is not enough

In META Coaching we search for the cause of the emotion, which creates the mental or physical imbalance. What the mind suppresses, the body expresses. We most often find the cause of the emotion in the subconscious mind.

For example, if you are afraid of flying, ‘being afraid’ is the symptom but not the deep-lying cause. The causal emotion behind can for example be fear of heights, of losing control or claustrophobia – in this case these are the emotions to work with. Once the causal emotion of the bad habits, stress or illness is eliminated, the imbalance behind this specific discomfort will be gone forever. META Coaching is in short a shortcut to balance.

Standard model of META Coaching

The procedure of META Coaching looks like this:

  1. We identify the undesirable emotion/habit/problem.
  2. With kinesiology I test if the body/subconscious is weakened.
  3. We identify the emotion which can be the cause of e.g. stress, sadness, pain or illness by means of the META Health analysis model.
  4. With EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – we release the emotion in the body.
  5. I test again with kinesiology whether the subconscious has let go of the problem. We make sure that it is not just an intellectual understanding of the problem where you will still react unconsciously, should the situation arise again.
  6. We plan a change of lifestyle that will bring you the balance and mental energy needed to reach your goals.

Who will benefit from executive lifestyle coaching?

Executive lifestyle coaching is for those people who wish to

  • change their habits
  • let go of negative beliefs
  • achieve their goals
  • create better relations
  • prevent illness and stress and achieve natural health.

META Coach, author and speaker, Bettinna Delfs

My vision is to create insight into and remove the cause of physical and mental imbalance. I motivate people to realise their full potential by means of ALKALINE LIVING. It concerns diet, exercise and mental balance. The holistic approach to illness and health indisputably helps people towards quickly achieving a balance.


Mobile: +45 53 86 23 14

META coaching info

Coach:Bettinna Delfs
Venue:Bolbrovej 84 A, 2960 Rungsted Kyst, by appointment - or via Skype
Time:By appointment
Price:DKK2000 + VAT