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A wonderfully inspiring week with ALKALINE LIVING and DOING that fills my body and soul with new power and energy. The course “En ordentlig oplader” in Crete gives me peace and harmony, and fills me with joy. How wonderful life can be.

Erik Groth, 68 years, Bornholm, Denmark

“Bettinna Delfs’ book embraces a wide offering of good advice and guidelines for a healthier life. So do many other books, but I have rarely read one that is this easy to put into practice in a multitude of areas.

It is easy to read, and in my family we have swiftly and simply succeeded in implementing a large number of suggestions. This includes both the physical exercises and dietary guidelines and not least the incredibly easy-to-follow introduction to EFT. By following the book’s instructions, my 18-year-old daughter overcame her extreme arachnophobia after just thirty minutes of concentrated EFT.

I strongly recommend the book to people who have read similar books previously as well as to people who have made the decision to live a healthier and happier life from now on!”

Ulrich Ghisler M.D.

I have read this book and sincerely recommend it to people who would like to live a more healthy and happy life.

The pH value in the body is crucial for staying vital but also when you recover from illness. When the environment in your body is slightly alkaline, your cell function is optimal and the cells will stay healthier and live longer than cells in an acidic environment. Everyone should know about ALKALINE LIVING – the alkaline lifestyle.

Dr. Claus Hancke, professor at and founder of the Institute for Orthomolecular Medicine in Lyngby, Denmark

It is essential to focus especially on the acid-alkaline balance in the body, if you want to be and stay healthy.

It is based on ancient Chinese medicine principles – keep the body’s alkaline design and maintain health, vitality and well-being.

When the pH value of the body is slightly alkaline, it enables the body to self-repair and heal.

In my clinic in Spain, one of the first things I focus on with lifestyle disorders like diabetes, overweight, hypertension, allergies, dementia, immune defence problems, cancer and sleeping disorders, is the acid-alkaline balance. I see a quicker healing when my clients implement Alkaline Living.

Dr. Pernille Knudtzon, Vitafakta Health Clinic, consultant, NLP Trainer, acupuncturist

Dear Bettinna. Thank you so much for 2 x pep talk held at Nordea with supplementary comments about your learning. It has been wonderful to listen to you and see that you live according to your own recipe – “Balance with attention on pH”. Thank you for your offer that I may call and make an appointment for coaching. Warmest regards.


Henning Jørgensen, Nordea

At Sirius Company Ltd, we have been visited by Bettinna Delfs, proprietor of Living Academy, as an investment in our employees, their health and well-being.

It was a super successful event. It provided all the employees with input about their diet, health and increased well-being. The lecture was vastly entertaining and Bettinna’s good presentation supplied all employees with a positive experience and courage to perform both smaller and bigger changes, depending on their individual living standards. Furthermore, we bought the book ”Alkaline Living – En enkel guide til et sundt liv” by Bettinna Delfs for our employees.

The icing of the cake was that we, in addition to the lecture, combined it with preparing some of the incredibly delicious and healthy recipes from Bettinna’s book which we afterwards enjoyed together, making it a social event as well.

I warmly recommend an event or a lecture with Bettinna Delfs from Alkaline Living.

Jeanette Tullberg Poulsen, Chief Secretary, Sirius Company AS